The Favrot Family of Louisiana
A History Over Three Centuries

by G. Martin Moeller

307 pages • $40.00 • ISBN: 9780692073537 • April 2019 • Add to Cart

The Favrot family is among the most venerable in Louisiana, with a continuous presence there dating to 1728. From the French colonial period, through four decades of Spanish colonial rule, followed by U.S. statehood, secession, and the Civil War, and ultimately into the modern era, the Favrots have remained influential. The family's story offers a lens through which to view the complex and often-turbulent history of Louisiana. This book traces the story of eight generations of the Favrot family, with a focus on the direct line from Joseph-Claude to Henri Mortimer, Jr. The narrative is based in large parts on material from the Favrot Family Papers, which are housed at Tulane University's Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. From that foundation, the book places the family's personal experiences and observations into the broader context of Louisiana history.


G. Martin Moeller, Jr., is a curator, writer, and editor living in Washington, D.C. He is currently senior curator at the National Building Museum, where he previously served as executive vice president. He is a former executive director of both the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.


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