Louisiana Midrash 

by Marian D. Moore

100 pages • $15.95 • ISBN: 9781608011681 • February 2019 • Poetry • Runagate Press • Add to Cart

"In Louisiana Midrash the poet engages the Jewish literary tradition of midrash by entering into it whole body, bringing her life both outer and inner right up against the ancient text, and breathing life, her life into every word. Just as the Bible cherishes genealogy, so does Marian Moore inscribe her own genealogy into the text, as an African American woman born in Shreveport who has found her life as a serious Jew in New Orleans. There are no contradictions because this is poetry; she makes all of her angels sing." — Rodger Kamenetz, author of The Lowercase Jew

Marian D. Moore lives in Harvey, La and works in the city of New Orleans. She converted a childhood love of science into a career in computing analysis. Her love of literature led her to writing poetry and science fiction, which has been published in periodicals ranging from Bridges to Asimov's Science Fiction. While Marian did some writing while attending Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, she began to first sharpen her skills in George Alec Effinger's University of New Orleans workshop and then in NOMMO Literary Society, led by the New Orleans writer and activist Kalamu ya Salaam..

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