Center Austria

The mission of Center Austria is to direct international student and faculty mobility between the University of New Orleans and universities in Austria. Center Austria promotes the communication and extension of Austrian and Central European culture through scholarly and artistic activities and academic partnerships. Furthermore, the Center is based on more than three decades of cooperation with the University of Innsbruck and a Sister-City Agreement between the Cities of Innsbruck, Austria and New Orleans, as well as a new partnership agreement with the University of Graz, Austria. The Center was launched in the fall of 1997, and it functions as a research and discourse hub for Austrian and European Studies at the University of New Orleans and throughout the city. Its origin was the Institute for the Study of Comparative Public Policy. 


In 1992, Anton Pelinka, a political scientist at the University of Innsbruck, and Günter Bischof, a historian at UNO, started Contemporary Austrian Studies (CAS) as an annual publication. Contemporary Austrian Studies is an interdisciplinary social studies journal that covers Austria since 1918 and is designed to complement the older Austrian History Yearbook, which concentrates more on Habsburg history. CAS was published for seventeen years by Transaction of New Brunswick, NJ, and for the past three years jointly by UNO Press and Innsbruck University Press. Volumes are dedicated to a specific theme chosen annually, with essays, forums, historiography, roundtables, book reviews and an annual review of Austrian politics complementing each volume. 



1914: Austria-Hungary, the Origins, and the First Year of World War I (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 23) Günter Bischof, Ferdinand Karlhofer (Eds.), Samuel R. Williamson, Jr. (Guest Editor) ISBN: 9781608010264 • 394 pages • $40.00

Austrian Environmental History (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 27) Marc Landry, Patrick Kupper (Eds.) ISBN: 9781608011636 • 350 pages • $40.00

Austria's International Position After the End of the Cold War (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 22) by Günter Bischof (Editor) and Ferdinand Karlhofer ISBN: 978160811162 • 303 pages • $40.00

Austrian Federalism in Comparative Perspective (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 24) Günter Bischof (Editor), Ferdinand Karlhofer (Editor) ISBN: 9781608011124 • 273 pages • $40.00

Austrian Lives (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 21) by Günter Bischof (Editor), Eva Maltschnig (Editor), and Fritz Plasser (Editor) ISBN: 9781608010929 • 490 pages • $40.00

Austrian Studies Today (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 25) by Günter Bischof (Editor), Ferdinand Karlhofer (Editor) ISBN: 9781608011278 • 350 pages • $40.00

Changing Addresses: A Collection of Contemporary Austrian Writing by Johann Holzner and Alois Hotschnig (Editors) ISBN: 9783902811431 • 170 pages • $22.95

Democracy in Austria Günter Bischof (Editor), David M. Wineroither (Editor) ISBN: 9781608011742 • 369 pages • $40.00

Global Austria: Austria's Place in Europe and the World (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 20) by Günter Bischof (Editor), Fritz Plasser (Editor), Anton Pelinka (Editor), and Alexander Smith (Editor) ISBN: 9781608010622 • 352 pages • $40.00

Changing Addresses: A Collection of Contemporary Austrian Writing by Johann Holzner and Alois Hotschnig (Editors) ISBN: 9783902811431 • 170 pages • $22.95

Industrial Development Through Urbanization by Franz Mathis ISBN: 9781608011629 • 307 pages • $28.95

Habsburg's Last War edited by Hannes Leidinger • ISBN: 9781608011575 • 392 pages • $28.95

From Empire to Republic: Post-World War I Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 19) by Günter Bischof, Fritz Plasser, and Peter Berger (Editors) ISBN: 9781608010257 • 443 pages • $40.00

Migration in Austria by Günter Bischof, Dirk Rupnow (Editors) ISBN: 9781608011452 • 312 pages • $40.00

The Schüssel Era in Austria (Contemporary Austrian Studies, Volume 18) by Günter Bischof (Editor) , Fritz Plasser (Editor) ISBN: 9781608010097 • 283 pages • $40.00

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