A Catalogue Of Small Pains

by Meghan L. Dowling

250 pages • $18.95 • ISBN:  9781608011674 • March 2019 • Add to Cart

Mothers, daughters, and sisters must both protect and betray. They must maintain appearances in order to hide their pain. Winner of the University of New Orleans Press Publishing Lab, A Catalogue of Small Pains tells the stories of three generations of women whose lives are overshadowed by the secret cruelty of the family patriarch. Layering vignettes, illustrations, and instructions on womanhood in America, this fragmented novel exhibits the memories of a family, its heartbreak and pain, and stands as a delicate testament to a world where the past comes once again into focus.

"Packaged as a novel, Meghan L. Dowling's debut A Catalogue of Small Pains unwraps into so much more. A quilted collection of lyrical vignettes, pamphlet excerpts, images and captions are sewn together into a multigenerational story of mothers, daughters, sisters, their struggle and trauma hidden from the world in a sometimes all too familiar way." -- Meghan O'Neill "Mom Egg Review"

Meghan L. Dowling is a writer, artist, and Boston-area native. She holds a doctorate in English/Creative Writing from the University of Denver, an MA from the University of Maine, and a BA from Brandeis University. She teaches at Husson University and the University of Maine, and is co-director of the Norumbega Collective, whose mission is to promote the literary arts in the greater Bangor, Maine area

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