Neighborhood Story Project

In 2004, the Neighborhood Story Project was founded by Rachel Breunlin and Abram Himelstein as a book-making project based in the neighborhoods where New Orleanians live and work. NSP works with writers in neighborhoods around New Orleans to create books about their communities.


The NSP started at public school, John McDonogh Senior High, with the idea of students investigating their worlds. For a year, the students wrote, photographed, interviewed, and edited. In June of 2005, the NSP brought out five books—collaborative ethnographies—about New Orleans.


The NSP has expanded their practice of collaborative ethnography outside of schools, producing books and posters that do the work of telling stories of the city. The NSP works with authors and neighborhoods, then celebrate a publication with block parties. The books have gone on to be citywide bestsellers, selling more than 35,000 books.


The NSP is a center at the University of New Orleans, with Rachel Breunlin in the Department of Anthropology and Abram Himelstein in the College of Education and Human Performance.



Aunt Alice vs. Bob Marley by Kareem Kennedy ISBN: 9781608010134 • 101 pages • $15.00

Between Piety and Desire by Arlet and Sam Wylie ISBN: 9781608010400 • 112 pages • $15.00

Beyond the Bricks by Daron Crawford and Pernell Russell ISBN: 9781608010165 • 189 pages • $16.00

The Combination by Ashley Nelson ISBN: 9781608010554 • 121 pages • $15.00

Coming Out the Door for the Ninth Ward by Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club ISBN: 9780970619099 • 247 pages • $18.00

Cornerstones: Celebrating the Everyday Monuments & Gathering Places of New Orleans' Neighborhoods by Rachel Breunlin, Abram Himelstein, and Bethany Rogers ISBN: 9780970619037 • 95 pages • $18.00

Fire in the Hole edited by Rachel Breunlin ISBN: 9781608011537 • 95 pages • $35.00

From My Mother's House of Beauty by Susan Henry ISBN: 9781608010141 • 119 pages • $15.00

The House of Dance and Feathers: A Museum by Ronald W. Lewis by Rachel Breunlin (Author) , Ronald W. Lewis (Author) , Helen Regis (Author) ISBN: 9780970619075 • 200 pages • $29.00

Le Ker Creole by Bruce Sunpie Barnes & Rachel Breunlin ISBN: 9781608011728 • 119 pages • $30.00

Talk That Music Talk by Bruce Sunpie Barnes & Rachel Breunlin ISBN: 9781608011070 • 304 pages • $35.00

Signed, The President by Kenneth Phillips ISBN: 9781608010158 • 113 pages • $15.00

What Would the World Be Without Women: Stories from the 9th Ward by Waukesha Jackson ISBN: 978160801193 • 87 pages • $15.00

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