Black and White on the Rocks

by Fredrick Barton

388 pages • $18.95 • ISBN: 9781608011001 • May 2013 • Add to Cart

From William Faulkner Prize winner Fredrick Barton comes Black and White on the Rocks, a genre-bending murder mystery both gritty and observant. One Sunday night, Michael Barnett returns home, half drunk, to find that someone has sifted through the court documents of his deceased wife, a passionate attorney. Suddenly questioning the circumstances of her death, Mike becomes fascinated with a racially charged case she took to the Supreme Court years earlier. As he uncovers a history of crooked dealings, the struggling alcoholic loses himself in the pursuit of justice and closure. Clever, jaded, and haunted by loss, Mike navigates us through his own complex New Orleans, a city at once vibrant and aching, marred by racial prejudice and political corruption. A true melding of genres, Black and White on the Rocks explores crime, heartbreak, and the possibility of redemption with rare insight and skill.


“A superior, savvy tangle of greed, graft, and sudden violence.”

—The Los Angeles Times

“Honestly written and well-conceived, this is a book that supplies pleasure on a number of levels.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author


Award-winning writer and critic Fredrick Barton has authored four novels, a play in verse, and numerous short stories, essays, and reviews. He was a founder of the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans where he served as Director for many years. He continues to teach in the program and live in New Orleans, LA.


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