Signed, The President

by Kenneth Phillips

113 pages • $15.00 • ISBN: 9781608010158 • February 2010 • Add to Cart

Signed, the President is a portrait of family life during turbulent times as witnessed by Kenneth Phillips, aka the President. In a mixture of interviews and personal reflections, Kenneth tells the stories of the St. Bernard Public Housing development—from the beginnings of bounce to memories of the sweet shop and echoes of the church services—while exploring his relationships to the people closest to him. Signed, the President also emerges as a poignant conversation on gender identity. From an early age, Kenneth deals with pressure to conform from a community that places a high value on traditional masculinity. In spite of the obstacles, Kenneth stays true to himself as he begins to come to terms with his sexual orientation.

“Phillips’ book is a true profile in courage.”
—Susan Larson, The Times-Picayune

Kenneth Phillips graduated from John McDonogh Senior High in 2011. He is a student at Delgado Community College. 

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