by Rainer Maria Rilke (Author), Lorne Mook (Translator)

119 pages • $14.95 • ISBN: 9781608010417 • February 2011 • Add to Cart

Published in German when he was only twenty-one years old, Rilke's third book, Traumgekrönt, appears here for the first time in English.

"I was amazed to find that Traumgekrönt, Rilke's third collection of poems, has never before been translated into English. And so I am deeply grateful to Lorne Mook for faithful translation which introduces us to the beginnings of this great poet. Any reader interested in 20th-Century poetry will want to know more about the progress of Rilke's development--and for any such study, this book is a must."–Ilya Kaminsky

"Lorne Mook's version of Dream-Crowned gives us the heart of the young Rilke: lonely, spiritual, full of fin-de-siècle yearning. This is the poet at twenty-one, before his trips to Russia with Lou Andreas-Salomé, before Paris, Rodin, and the great breakthrough of the New Poems. It is common to believe that Rilke found his true voice only in the first decade of the twentieth century. But the deep Romanticism in these lyrics of lovers and dreamers runs through his career, and Lorne Mook reveals that abiding source."--Don Bogen

Lorne Mook is a Professor of English at Taylor University.

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