by Patrizia de Rachewiltz

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The poems of Patrizia de Rachewiltz’s Trespassing invite us directly into the world of dreams. Confusing the tangible with the ethereal, the reflections of objects with the voices of the spectral, this collection encourages us to hover between, to breach the walls of reality. At the same time we encounter a ghost, our bare feet remind us of the ground. Just as we reach for shadows in the night, we are reminded of the light that banishes them. That we are always moving through time, passing in and out of our real and imagined landscapes, is precisely the idea. Trespassing reminds us of that very elemental truth about dreaming—we dream alone. The poems suggest that in the fragmented, often dangerous worlds of our unconscious, we become trespassers in our own minds. 

“These delicate, passionate love poems to a difficult world will make you want to fall in love yourself all over again!”
—Biljana D. Obradović, author of Frozen Embraces and Little Disruptions, translator into Serbian of Patrizia de Rachewiltz’s Dear Friends 

“When Patrizia reflects on the inner self and the outer world—the bruised wing, the battered heart, the wealth of nature, the warmth of love—she does so with a clear eye that is both intense and incisive. Trespassing, the first major collection of this international poet’s work in English, will send you away deeply moved by her words—and then will bring you back to them.”
—Craig Smith, publisher, Palisade Press 

Patrizia de Rachewiltz grew up in the Tyrolean mountains of northern Italy. Born to a Russian-Italian father and an American mother, she is a multilingual poet, writer, and translator.

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